Guy Armstrong Trophy

Guy Hepburn Armstrong (1901-1976) was born at Ardenlea, West Stewart Place, educated at George Watson’s college then Edinburgh University where he studied law. He returned to Hawick in 1927 as a solicitor, joining Geo & Jas Oliver WS where his father was a partner. He subsequently became a partner of the firm and was appointed as Honorary Sheriff for Jedburgh. Guy was Acting Father to Cornet George Wilson in 1932. In 1934 he became president of the Ancient Order of Mosstroopers.

He was Common Riding Secretary for many years and was also president of the Callants Club. Among other things, he was in the Observer (later Royal Observer) Corps and during WWII was base basted at Teviothead “Spotting planes with a bunch of Hawick chaps”.

Guy’s daughter, Mrs Shirley Laing, was clearing out her parents’ home in 2002 when she came across her father’s Mosstroopers car badge. This reminded her of what he used to say, “The Common Riding would not function without all the unsung heroes who worked tirelessly behind the scenes without any credit”. Hatching a plan to help address this with the help of local jeweller Hamish Smith, Shirley had the badge mounted onto a plaque and gave it to the Mosstroopers to be presented to a recipient deemed worthy of holding the title “Mosstrooper of the Year”. 

The award is not necessarily to be given out every year but, not surprisingly, since its inception every president has given the award. The club presents each winner with a commemorative lapel badge in the form of a miniaturised Mosstroopers Badge in silver.

2002 – Brian Knox

2003 – Jimmy Pow

2004 – Rob Hume

2005 – Ian Fraser

2006 – Charlie McCrerie

2007 – Harry Graham

2008 – Ian Seeley

2009 – Alan Graham

2010 – Bill Huggan

2011 – Bob Muir

2012 – Jim Paxton

2013 – Ross Gordon

2014 – Frank Scott

2015 – Gordon Jackson

2016 – Henry Douglas

2017 – Alan McVittie

2018 – Doug Telfer

2019 – Richard Walker

2021 – Bernie Armstrong

2022 – Keith ‘Chugger’ Brown

2023 – Hamish Smith