The Ancient Order Of Mosstroopers

The Mosstroopers Club

The Ancient Order of Mosstroopers is based in Hawick, Scottish Borders, and upholds the history and memory of the Mosstrooping Men of old. These men were very often crofters owing allegiance to their liege lord. They had to be ready at all times to arm themselves and spring into the saddle whenever the signal came. 

Preserving history...

The Ancient Order of Mosstroopers was born shortly after the first world war at a meeting called by J.E.D Murray, considered by many to be the "father" of the modern-day Common Riding, where he proposed the formation of the club. The objectives of the club would be to uphold the history of the Mosstrooping men of old and to support and encourage the spirit of Hawick Common riding and its elected Cornet. In 1920, Cornet Tom Winning (who had been Cornet in 1919) became the first President of the Ancient Order of Mosstroopers, his right and left men, Thomas Scott and Douglas Haddon, became joint Secretary and Treasurer.

Carrying tradition forward...

To this day the club is very proactive within the town, hosting various events throughout the year such as two rideouts to Mosspaul and a formal dinner on the lead up to the Common Riding, a ball in early December and an annual Burns Supper. The club have also released a CD.